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This survey is designed to collect information from occupants of domestic homes (in the UK) to assess their performance (in terms of comfort, satisfaction, utility consumption, internal environment etc.). It is required that the respondent has occupied the home for at least 9 months so that summer and winter conditions can be reported on

By completing this survey you agree to share the information you provide with SOAP Retrofit Ltd (the data controller) for further analysis. Individual results will never be shared without prior consent of the respondent (you). Averaged results (either per scheme or across the whole dataset) may be shared without consent, but individual properties shall not be identifiable from these analyses. Personal data (names, addresses, contact details etc.) will never be shared without prior consent of the respondent. You have the right for your responses to be deleted and removed from the database at any time by contacting

The survey complies with the requirements of BS 40101:2022 on Building Performance Evaluation and PAS2035:2019+C2:2021 on Retrofit Coordination

Please click the "Launch Survey" button to complete the survey. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete

Domestic Occupant Survey

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