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Insight. Accuracy. Performance

SOAP Retrofit is established to tangibly reduce the impact of our existing buildings on the environment via science-based retrofit approaches and real-world measurement. Utilising innovative monitoring and data analysis techniques to provide strategic insight and maximise the benefit of building improvement projects in design, construction and operation


Efficient buildings. Comfortable occupants. Protected Planet


SOAP Retrofit was established in 2019 with a passion for developing understanding of our building stock's impact on the environment and with a firm commitment to reducing it, through measurement, design and collaboration

We are enthusiastic and tenacious, combining industrial experience and academic rigour to deliver projects that tangibly meet or exceed their performance targets. Prior experience in academia, design consultancy and main contracting provides the foundation for our holistic approach to building performance, focussed on actual rather than design performance

There is no one-size fits all solution to achieving building performance; it is the outcome of complex technological, social, environmental, political and economic drivers. Hence we utilise systems thinking approaches to optimise the, sometimes unpredictable, emergent behaviour and take pride in embracing the chaos

[Chartered Engineer - Retrofit Coordinator - Chartered Measurement and Verification Professional]


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